Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Revisiting the Past

These are just a few drawings I've done years ago in High School! Just thought it would be a good idea to add some diversity in my art.... You see! I CAN do more then just character design stuff! :)
Its a WHALE!

I like this one, because I gave the lion a black under coat... is that the right terminology? Under coat?

 This is a fun painting, I painted this during my junior year of high school. I actually won an award for this one at the Huntington Beach Art Museum. There really is no real focus on this painting, but thats what makes it fun!

This was one I did during my senior year. The Sirens in the Water. Look closely at this one and look at how the woman change from alluring to dangerous. :)

I'm actually painting a new painting right now, I'll be posting some pictures of it very very soon!

Meet Charlie

This is Charlie. My T-Rex cartoon character I'm currently working on for a possible children's book I'm coming up with. :) Let me know what you think! (Sorry the picture is a little light, just click on the picture and the larger view will look better)

The Secret (The Best Sadies Invite EVER!)

Here's some random fun! I made this comic for my little sister about two years ago so she could ask her boy out to the school dance. You should read it! I'm actually pretty happy with it, and she loved it!
Anyway, just found it randomly while looking through my computer. Have fun!